How Landlords Make Use of Social Media to Boost Occupancy?

What comes to your mind when you think of looking for a rental property? The variety of options on the web! Right? As soon as a consumer starts looking for a rental property, they will go through social media pages. Therefore, landlords have embraced the power of social media and are using it to the fullest. Yet despite knowing the power of social media, many landlords still fail to use it in a way that benefits them the most. Therefore, a lack of investment in this part will become a major problem for the business. However, with the right targeted campaign in place, a landlord could easily increase the demand for their property and get double the actual occupancy at the same time. In this blog, we will sift you through the different ways to use social media to boost occupancy:

Leverage the Community’s Clout

Leverage the Community Clout

As simple as it sounds, you can leverage the community’s clout to maximize occupancy. Simply put, if you manage to provide a unique experience to the current residents, you can easily build strong relationships with them without much effort. You can also build organic social media posts that will eventually convert into leads at one point in time. As soon as you put up a social post by your tenants, it will only add more to the popularity of your property.

Look to Add Value

Look to Add Value

Social media is very helpful when it comes to something important that has to be shared. However, the right choice will be dependent on the target demographic. Therefore, on an active platform, community posts are very active. This means you can easily add value to your posts without much effort without the use of social media. If you don’t know, social media allows you to target the relevant audience and present them with what they want.

Use Facebook Marketplace

Use Facebook Marketplace

With over 1 billion active users, Facebook has become a rage on this planet. Over the years, Facebook marketing has gained popularity because it enables you to target the right audience. Due to the increased demand in the market, Facebook has emerged as a popular marketing platform for everyone. It can help cement the strong credibility of your work on the web. Especially If the tenants are satisfied with their experience of living in your property, you can ask them to post a positive review on your social media page, as it will improve the net reputation of your rental services online.

Start with Instagram Ads

Start with Instagram Ads

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that around 1 billion users are active on Instagram right now. Therefore, it is the best place to start advertising your services from. Especially if you want to increase the occupancy for your rental property, Instagram will register as the best place. The benefit of using Instagram ads is, you can target the right audience. Especially if you don’t have an elaborate budget; Instagram ads will allow you to rest assured about not finding new tenants. Because millennials love to scroll through Instagram every day, they are much likely to see your ads.

Post About Everything Positive

Post anything positive that has happened with the residents. However, don’t forget to ask the residents before posting anything that offers their visual appeal to the public. Especially if the residents have recorded a detailed review of your rental property and want to post it on social media, always ask them before using this content. After all, not everybody is comfortable with being open about their experiences on the digital platform. However, because video tutorials have the strength to stand out to prospective clients, using a ravishing review will be highly beneficial.…

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Avoiding Tricks And Scams When Buying Diamonds


avoid scam while buying diamonds

Whether you are shopping online or in-store, there are scams everywhere. The birth of the internet makes people even more vulnerable to falling for various tricks scammers try to pull on unsuspecting buyers.

The key is to know what type of scams are out there as well as the potential red flags so that you stand the best chance of finding somewhere reliable. This article will discuss the signs you can look out for and how to avoid scamming when buying precious stones such as diamonds. First and foremost, finding a reputable retailer with a bulletproof reputation is essential. The Australian Diamond Network has wholesale diamonds Sydney collectors prefer and is a fine example of a good diamond supplier as they stock certified diamonds and have been operating for decades in the marketplace.

How To Avoid Tricks And Scams When Buying Diamonds

buying a diamond

Potential scams shouldn’t put you off buying diamonds firstly. There are pitfalls and scams in almost every investment of life so getting clued up on how to do it smartly is the best thing you can do.

Protect yourself from fraud and scammers with the following tips when buying a diamond:

  • Get educated – firstly, if you are new to buying diamonds you want to do your research. Recognize this isn’t just an everyday purchase and there are actually many things to discover about this precious stone. One of the first things you need to be finding out more about are the 4 C’s. Knowing what the Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour mean in diamond terms and how these impact price is essential. Before you even start looking, get clued up on these factors.
  • Always check if your diamond comes with a certificate – any genuine and authentic diamond retailer will have a certificate to support the 4 C’s of the diamond. This means you should see a certificate from either the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the AGS (American Gem Society) or the EGL. When you see these, they are certified marks of authenticity to guarantee the diamond is genuine.
  • Avoid the Carat total weight trick – if the buyer doesn’t know much about buying diamonds, this one is sure to catch them out. If you find the price tag on a ring for example and it’s for the entire carat weight of all the diamonds and not separately, this is a red flag. You should know each value for each diamond to avoid overpaying as there is a good chance the surrounding diamonds will be much less than the center stone.
  • Be wary of the half price and unbeatable sales – sales can also catch unsuspecting buyers off guard. When it comes to those amazing ‘can’t believe it’ deals, they are normally too good to be true. If something is highly discounted, there’s a big chance you are paying for more than you should get.

diamond scam

Following the above tips will ensure you stay safer when buying diamonds and avoid common pitfalls that befall new buyers.…

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the Best Indian Wedding Venue That You Can Find in London

Having a successful Indian wedding entails a lot of hard work, perseverance, and good planning. There is a lot of preparation needed to enjoy the accomplishment of the day. With this in mind, the wedding venue has to be outstanding and offer all the resources required for a successful occasion. To make this possible, you should consider the following basics.

  • The Wedding Date

When setting a wedding date, there is a lot that is involved. You have to consider whether or not your guests will make it to your wedding on the stipulated date, how the weather is likely to be and most importantly whether you will find a suitable wedding venue for your Indian themed wedding. Therefore, before printing out invitation cards and distributing them, make sure you are clear that the wedding venue is available for your wedding.

    • The Wedding List

However much you may want as many people as possible to witness your wedding, the choice of wedding venue may limit your wedding list. If on the other hand you are not willing to reduce the list, find an Indian wedding venue that can readily accommodate as many people as on your list. Remember, this is your wedding day and it only needs to go one way, your venue

  • The Wedding Theme

When selecting your Indian wedding venue in London, one very important thing that you must consider is whether it blends well with the theme or not. A natural blend is more like it. You don’t need too many decorations to make the venue have the theme you desire. Start your search on the wedding venue as early as possible to avoid settling for ‘an almost perfect’ venue. You want a perfect venue for your perfect big day.

Most Indian wedding venues in London offer a complete package including the food. However, if you look at the menu, does it leave your mouth watery with the delicious delicacies? If not, can they customize the menu to suit your individual needs? You want your guest to enjoy the wedding the fullest and one way to do this is to ensure that the food is mouthwatering. Furthermore, when designing the menu, try to be as general as possible to accommodate everyone. You want all your guests to eat something.

  • The Wedding Program

Try to incorporate the entire wedding program to the venue to see if it works well for you. It will be better to have the entire ceremony in one location to avoid wasting a lot of time and also to give your guest some peace of mind to enjoy your wedding day.

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